Retargeting in Unreal

Retargeting in Unreal

In Unreal Create new folders and name them Animations and Material. Import the all new meshes without assigning a skeleton. It is important: Clear the recommended skeleton - and import your own skeletal mesh of every asset! It is needed for matching the main skeleton in the character blueprint. Ignore some messages about "missing bones"! If you get some errors with duplicate names please restart the export process. But it should not happen because of the error handling in the Y minus Universal DAZ 2 UE script.

 You do not necessarily need to follow again the retargeting process including the animation retargeting for all of your imported clothing! But if the following assignment via Blueprint fails…repeat it.

 Now we use the Unreal retarget manager. In UNREAL we have to retarget both - Base  Epic mannequin and Target!!!!

First we retarget our imported main character. Click on the skeleton file of your character and select the Retarget Manager!

Using the Retarget Manager

First make the bones visible. Be sure to be in the skeleton section and select in the view panel under the menu Character the bones as Scene element and then select All Hierarchy. Select then the bone called upperarm_r and vice versa left and the rotation tool and change the T-Pose to an A-Pose by bending both "upper arms" by 50 degrees. Down below in the retarget manager click on Modify Pose and Use Current Pose. Now add in the Current Skeleton dialog your character as  a new skeleton. Select it and it will appear in the list.

The central part is to set up a new rig.  So click on the drop down menu under Select Rig and select the entry Humanoid. Unreal Engine automatically detects the proper renamed bones. You can proof it in the assigned Target list. The last thing here is to set the mesh as the actual preview mesh. In the top left select the mesh for preview and don't forget to confirm the following dialog in the bottom right corner!

 Now change the view to the Skeleton tree tab beside the retarget manager. Here click on Options and then on Show Retargeting options. In the column Translation Retargeting click with the right mouse button on the entry beside the node hip and select Recursively set translation reatargeting skeleton. All entries will be changed to skeleton. Now we change only 3 nodes. Firstly click with the left mouse button on the drop down menu beside the bone Pelvis and select Animation scaled. The root bone has to be always animation. At last change on the bone spine 0 1 skeleton to Animation.

Now it is done and you should save your character.

Retargeting the  Base  Epic mannequin is an easier process. Search for the mannequin mesh and skeleton, click on the skeleton and repeat all necessary steps . You don't need to change any bone to different animation type in the skeleton tree. Save it and leave the window.

Retargeting the animations.

In the next step we transfer the animations of the unreal mannequin to the new character. First we look for the associated files. They are usually located in the Mannequin animations folder. In the best case, there is an animation blueprint. With a right mouse click we open the menu and select Retarget Animation Blueprints and there Duplicate Anim Blueprints and retarget. In the following dialog we select our new skeleton and look for the folder in which we want to save the animations. You should use a meaningful prefix to make it easier to differentiate. Click on retarget. You will now find the animation blueprint and the individual animations in the selected folder. To check functionality, you can drag an animation into the main window and click simulate.