Assigning clothing with Blueprint

Create a Character Blueprint (if your actor should walk around later…). If you like it to make this Character your player character duplicate or edit the "Third Person BP" or something similiar.

Rename and open the blueprint. In the main mesh component insert your retargeted DAZ character and set the Animation Blueprint you created by retargeting.

In the view tab you have to add new skeletal mesh components - as many as you need for clothing pieces. Let's say 1.) hat or helmet, 2.  upper body 3. lower body and 4. foot. These component are slots for assigning different clothing to the main character mesh.

In the construction script route the following nodes for each component:

  • Set Skeletal Mesh - this is the clothing asset slot.
  • Set Master Pose Component - this is the main character mesh component


Adding a Relative Position or Scaling is not necessary but sometimes the blueprint bugs with locating the assets properly. Then you can manipulate the axis values. Do not try to avoid poking through from skin texture by scaling up the clothing..:) You have to assign as the "target" always the component (or slot) for the assets by dragging from the component tree to the pins. Under New Mesh in Set Skeletal Mesh select from the drop down menu your asset for that slot. Let Reinit Pose selected.

Here you can  change the assets for later use, i. e. for changing character templates in a game menu by pinning a mesh variable. In the node Set Master Pose Component you have to pin the main mesh component "Mesh". After compiling you will get the dressed model in the viewport. As you can see, some skin texture pokes through the pants. This is because the model is not optimized for gaming and has a lot of unnecessary vertices and polygons. Usually in game development we don't need no underwear or skin under the clothing - it is not visible at all and costs the GPU rendering time and provide such graphic errors.

In a next step we fix that by getting rid off all unnecessary polygons - in DAZ 3D.